Insolvency Services

Insolvency service

Top Insolvency practitioner firm in Ireland

We provide advice to directors of companies experiencing financial difficulties. We explain their options and review proposals to turnaround the business.

We can advise on the process of liquidation and we act as liquidator to insolvent companies.

We provide a very efficient and competitive service in members voluntary liquidations where a company has reached the end of its life such as special purpose companies, or through group consolidation or restructuring a subsidiary company is no longer required.

An explanation of the different types of liquidations can be found here.

The types of liquidations the firm undertakes are:

  • Creditors voluntary liquidation
  • Members voluntary liquidation
  • Court Liquidation

" We also provide a creditors voluntary liquidation service and Court liquidation service where we are not appointed as liquidator but will assist you in preparation for the liquidation.”